Friday, April 06, 2007

More nutters join the Norman Baker fan club

Norman Baker will be peddling his conspiracy theories about Dr David Kelly once again this coming Wednesday at a meeting in the town of Lewes.

The talk has been arranged by Changing Times, a conspiracy theory group that describes itself as "dedicated to the stimulation of new thinking" on topics such as "metaphysical investigation".

Another bunch of conspiracy obsessives with a rather weak grip on reality, in other words. So Baker will feel very much at home.

In fact Baker's last involvement with this group saw him welcoming a Changing Times talk about how 9/11 was all a Jewish/CIA plot.

Baker's keeness on 9/11 conspiracy theories has also won him fans at The British 9/11 Truth Campaign, who now want to use Norman Baker's name to promote their silly conspiracies and to help them "show how Stop The War cannot deny 9/11 truth".

Good to know Baker's used his time in office to help give weight to make believe and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

No doubt Baker and his new pals will be telling us that an MI5 plot is the reason he has failed to get Lewes the money for the flood defences it needs.

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