Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New day, new law, usual spin

We need new firework safety laws, Norman Baker informed The Argus the other day.

His call for new laws was a reaction to calls by the Fire Brigades Union for an inquiry into the fatal explosion at Festival Fireworks near Lewes back in December. The blast killed two firefighters and left 12 other people injured.

The police inquiry into the explosion is still underway and so no one knows what, if any, legal changes they will recommend. But rather than see what the outcome of that inquiry is, Norman Baker is already demanding a new law.

And what would this new law do, you might ask? Well it seems Norman Baker doesn't know himself since all he could tell The Argus was that there might be "lessons to learn".

Clearly Norman Baker's following that long parliamentary tradition of demanding a new law without having the slightest clue about what should be in that law.

Another triumph of spin over substance from Baker.

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