Friday, April 13, 2007

Doublethink Vicky Pollard style

A contact has kindly sent Norman Baker Watch a copy of the latest leaflet for Lewes from Norman Baker and his fellow Lib Dems, which features a quite amazing piece of doublethink.

The Lib Dems have clearly been hurt by recent criticism of how much Lewes District Council has been recycling (not much it seems). So their leaflet poo-poos the idea that recycling rates matter, insisting that people should look at how little rubbish is thrown away in the area to see how green they are (although surely it's easier to recycle more if you have less rubbish to deal with?).

Confusingly the Fib Dems then accuse the county council of stopping them recycling more than 27% of their waste, even though they say recycling doesn't matter just a couple of paragraphs earlier and would need a minor miracle to recycle 27% of waste in the Lewes district council area at the rate their going.

Norman Baker Watch reckons Little Britain's Vicky Pollard would put their argument something like this:

"Yeah I did no recycling ever yeah, but don't go giving me evils 'cos I'm like so well green, yeah? But yeah, but no, but yeah, but it don't matter if I do recycling or nuthin' 'cos them in da county council they like so ungreen. But I don't care right 'cos I weren't gonna do any recycling anyway 'cos there ain't no rubbish 'round here. And anyway it were all Norman Baker's fault 'cos he just sat there giving me evils 'cos he thinks MI5 are out to get him."


Anonymous said...

But reducing waste IS better than recycling waste... reduce, reuse, recycle. Your ignorance of green policies betrays your status as a Cameroon Tory

Anonymous said...

Didn't know the Tories have members in the central African nation.

Anonymous said...

Norman has a shinney head.