Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blood money

As Norman Baker Watch noted a few days back Norman Baker was plugging his theories about the death of Dr David Kelly in his hometown of Lewes the other day.

Unsuprisingly Baker trotted out the same old theories and still can't seem to find any real evidence to support his claims.

However Baker used to event to reveal that he has endorsed another theory from the internet's lunatic fringe - that former foreign secretary Robin Cook was also murdered. The "facts" supporting this latest conspiracy theory is the claim that Cook died on Ministry of Defence land and that he opposed the war. A case of one plus one equals a million then.

But it also has now emerged that Norman Baker has signed a book deal to publish a book about his Dr David Kelly theory. So Baker's theory may have no connection to reality, but at least now he can line his pockets off the back of David Kelly's death.


Anonymous said...

But surely noone would buy such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Norman on talking out McLean's FOI bill! A champion of the people!

(C'mon, even Baker watch must agree on that!)

Norman Baker Watch said...

Fair dues, but Norman wasn't the only MP opposing that bill just the one who took all the credit.

Anonymous said...

For once he put his Olympican Bore-for-England skills to good use!

Anonymous said...

Norman has a happy face.