Sunday, March 18, 2007

A not so sparkling report

One of our sources today emailed Norman Baker Watch a copy of the latest leaflet from Norman Baker and his Fib Dem pals.

The Lib Dems' South Downs Observer amusingly boasts about how it has been delivered to you for free as if anyone would pay for this dismal collection of party propaganda. But Norman Baker Watch was more interested by the story boasting about how great the Audit Commission thinks the Lib Dems are at running Lewes District Council.

According to the article the commission reckons the Lib Dem council got a "sparkling report". But unsurprisingly the Lib Dems decided to turn a blind eye to some parts of the report including criticisms about:

  • The lack of a child protection strategy
  • The council's lack of any idea of how to deliver its aims
  • The failure to address the high turnover of staff at the council
  • The council's failure to consult users of its services on how to improve services
  • And, the failure to improve recycling to meet national targets
In short Norman Baker and his pals are failing children, taxpayers, council staff, users of council services and the environment.

Just about everyone then (apart from child abusers).

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