Saturday, March 24, 2007

I want to believe

The Ministry of Defence better watch out, Norman "Fox Mulder" Baker is on the case again.

After buying into conspiracy theories about Dr David Kelly and 9/11, Norman Baker is now searching for answers on UFOs.

Baker has posed a host of questions in Parliament on little green men, which the Paranormal & Ghost Society reveals were written with the help of David Clarke, a writer for the Fortean Times.

Another daring investigation from the Lewes MP or further evidence of Baker's increasing obsession with conspiracy theories?

The truth is out there...


Anonymous said...

Rendlesham forest. USAF overshot runway in plane containing nuclear weapons. No little green men, couled have been some glowing normal sized ones, glowing with rage had the public found out.

Mr Pedantic said...

Radiation doesn't glow

Anonymous said...

Things Fly in the night... whooooooo