Thursday, March 15, 2007

BNP back Baker

Norman Baker Watch last week reported on the selective quoting of Times columnist Matthew Parris on Norman Baker's web site.

But today Norman Baker Watch found a 100% genuine quote endorsing Norman.

It reads: "Refreshingly Mr Baker is one of the few MPs who recognises that the vast sums claimed by MPs in expenses and allowances is taxpayers’ money, and that taxpayers have every right to know what it is being claimed for."

The source of the quote goes on to call Norman "public spirited".

Even though Baker regularly uses quotes from others to promote himself, Norman Baker Watch understands why this quote won't find its way onto his web site since the source of this glowing praise is an article by the despicable British National Party.


allan said...

You really are utterly pathetic. So Mr Baker does a good job of exposing your NuLab mates - lots of people recognise this, including some berk from the BNP, and this is supposed to be Baker's fault? Very weak.

Anonymous said...

"Norman Baker Watch" is highly recommended. Adolf Hitler fan Lewes.

Anonymous said...

Normans breath smells of butterscotch.