Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lucky to have him?

Norman Baker fans will doubtless be aware of how he uses a 10-year-old quote from Times columnist Matthew Parris on the frontpage of his website, which says: "You underestimate him at your peril... He has a habit of being right. He sticks to his guns and I think his constituents are very lucky to have him."

But shame Baker left out the comments Parris made just before that quote. Thankfully the BBC didn't forget to include them: "He bores for Britain. He is a super-bore. You sit up in the middle of what he is talking about, stunned and amazed that anybody could be so boring."

Given the comments in that BBC report, Norman Baker Watch can't help but laugh at the irony of some of this blog's contributors calling this blog boring.

But does Parris's claim that Baker's "constituents are very lucky to have him" still stand up a decade on? What with his failure to get Lewes the flood defences it needs and his attempts to stop Brighton and Hove Albion from having a football ground (and those two are just for starters), Norman Baker Watch thinks not.


Anonymous said...

You are Norman Baker! I've sussed it out, it's Norman doing his best to give himself a damned good thrashing.

Anonymous said...

Norman has a yellow tie.

Anonymous said...

You're right. This is a tedious blog.

Baker's a self serving prat like most of them, especially new liebour. They're all the same.