Monday, March 05, 2007

The David Icke Connection

Norman Baker's got a new supporter thanks to his "exposé-that-never-was" into the death of Dr David Kelly. It's none other than sports journalist turned son of God turned conspiracy theorist – David Icke.

Icke's latest email newsletter notes Baker's work on the theory that Dr Kelly was murdered and tells how Dr Kelly "was killed because his knowledge was a threat to the official lies about the dangers posed by Saddam Hussein".

Let's hope Icke's new respect for the MP for Lewes leads to greater things.

Norman Baker Watch is waiting with bated breath for a joint Icke-Baker exposé of how the royal family are, in fact, reptiles.


Allan said...

Gosh, why would some nasty little NuLab slug want to set up a site to obssess over this MP? Could it be that they don't like the fact he is uncovering masses of dirt on them?

Could it be that they don't like it up 'em?

Paul said...

Excellent blog.

Norm winds up the establishment, so MI5 set this up to discredit him.

Schoolboy error - it only encourages him you fool!

Letterman said...

What a tedious person you must be - even more boring than me and I just read this blog!

Anonymous said...

Norman has a comb-over.

007 said...


Humbaba said...

Good blog title, pity about the content. Finding dirt on Norman Baker is like trying to sweep sand off the beach.