Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mack The Knife

As news broke of another pensioner assassinated in a knife frenzy, Westminster pundits were left asking if Norman Baker's fingerprints were on the blade that finished off Sir Menzies?

Always quick off the mark, Norman was on Sky News faster than The Mingster could sprint an Olympic 100m to heap praise the fallen one.

Norman Baker Watch remembers that Norman was similarly all over the TV like a rash, after signing the letter of no confidence that finished off their previous leader, Charles Kennedy.

When asked by Sky if he'll be throwing his hat into the leadership ring, Norman commented that it was a "job without long term prospects"...With friends like these.

Should Norman should run for the Lib Dem leadship?


Thomas Gordon said...

Nice to see you back!

Thomas Gordon said...

Just to let you know NBW-There is a Referendum Rally on Saturday

More details are on BBC-Biased


Keep up the good work fella

Anonymous said...

Sorry Thomas, thought you were anti-NuLab, not sure why you're egging them on in this venture to smear one of their most doughty critics...