Friday, July 27, 2007

Fuming over Falmer?

Baker must be depressed this weekend having lost his nimbyish fight to stop the Falmer Stadium (something he can add to his list of failures like getting flood defences for Lewes or stopping the Newhaven Incinerator).

No doubt he'll need something to lift his mood - but what would be Norman's chosen pick me up be? Given his past as a wannabe rock 'n' roller, Norman Baker Watch wonders if he ever followed the toking example of the home secretary?

It would explain those wild theories about Robin Cook, 9/11, etc. that Norman's so fond of.


Rob Clarke said...

Hi - Interesting subject matter - have I missed the place on your blog where you tell us who you are?

Otherwise, is there value in anonymous comment?

Anonymous said...

normans is a fart.

Anonymous said...

Rob Clarke

Funny man arn't you.Actually I bet
The CIA is running this site.

Mind you,you never know who is leaking inside Fib Dem HQ would you.....

Anonymous said...

all seems rather quiet on the norman baker front with no blogging since 27 july