Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fib and then fib some more

With election day looming Norman Baker's not-so-glorious leader Ming Campbell was talking up his party earlier this week.

In a speech in Watford Ming boasted how his party is one of principle, not fashion. "The other parties may favour fashion over principle. But we won't," he claimed.

Unfortunately Ming's message about principle hasn't got through to Norman Baker and his Lib Dem pals in Lewes. As today's Argus reports Jim Daly, Baker's chosen candidate for the Lewes Bridge seat in the local elections, has been busy telling locals that his party were all for letting Brighton and Hove Albion build a stadium in Falmer.

Strangely the candidate in question seems to have forgotten that local Lib Dems fought tooth-and-nail against the stadium (with Norman Baker's support) and even prompted the formation of the pro-Falmer Seagulls Party.

A lapse of memory or a further example of the Lib Dems sticking to the only principle they know - say anything to win votes?


Anonymous said...

Is there nobody in the Lewes LibDems with the courage to tell Daly it's time to call it a day? Doesn't the man know that it wasn't Prescott who made the application to build the stadium? He was embarrassing enough at a Lewes Town Council meeting on the Phoenix development last year when he showed his limited understanding of how to conduct a meeting. I don't like to be personally abusive, but the man is a menace to the people of Lewes and the party he claimsto represent.

Anonymous said...

normans gruffs smell of lavender

Anonymous said...

Normans pillow smells of vicks.