Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baker Storms Transition Town Lewes

Being one never to miss an opportunity to hijack a community event for his own ends Norman Baker’s been cosying up to the Transition Towns Lewes group in recent weeks.

Ahead of its official launch the environmental group held a brainstorming event encouraging people to write down ideas for action on lots of post-it notes so they could take to make Lewes a greener town (using less post-its could be a start).

But one idea in particular caught Norman Baker Watch’s eye. It read: “Keep in with Norman Baker our local and highly approachable MP”.

Wonder who came up with that suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Hi Normski,

Hiding behind the veil of annonymity is rather cowardly don't you think? Why don't you come clean and show the world who you are?


It's a secret!

Anonymous said...

Pot, Kettle, Black.

Anonymous said...

Hi Normski,

My name is John Saunders and I live in Brighton. I found the link to this blog on lewes.co.uk

Surely you can't expect to be taken seriously if all you do is complain but not have the character to reveal who you are. Why should anyone take any notice of a disgruntled and faceless blogger? So basically, why waste your time?

Alex said...

All these anonymous people!

Do you not think it's a good thing for an MP to work with community groups in his or her constituency?