Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baker Goes Nuclear

There might be growing international pressure on Iran to stop its nuclear plans, but I doubt Norman Baker will be worried.

Back in 23 January 2006, Baker was busy telling the Islamic Republic News Agency (the mouthpiece of the Iranian government) that until the UK ditched its own nuclear power stations and weapons we can’t challenge Iran on its nuclear ambitions.

He told the hacks at the Islamic Republic News Agency that it was “odd that we encourage countries to go down one road, but perhaps go down a different road ourselves”.

Or perhaps it’s not odd at all - given that Iran is a religious dictatorship ruled by a crazed Holocaust denier who has called for Israel to be wiped off the map - that the UK and the rest of the international community don’t want them having nuclear power.

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rkjfyoung said...

Given that the UK is run by a deluded WMD fantasist who has been happy to have aformer favoured ally topped, and who has involved us in five wars in nine years, you can [perhaps understand why oher countries might be a bit worried about us having 160 Hiroshimas at our disposal too - or doesn't logic go that far?