Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Norman Baker's car tax plan

Norman Baker and his Lib Dem friends on Lewes District Council are planning to expand Lewes' much-hated parking scheme.

The Lib Dems forced the parking scheme on residents a few years' back to popular hatred. They now want to take it a step further and make it a green parking scheme by charging people more for having cars that produce more carbon emissions per kilometre. But this scheme is only green as in envy rather than environmental.

Aside from stinging 69% of residents with an extra charge (nice revenue raiser for the council), the scheme won't charge people based on the pollution they cause only the efficiency of their car engine. So Toyota Prius owners who drive everywhere can rack up as much pollution as they like (and get a discount on parking to boot) while owners of Renault Clios and other cars can fork out more even if they drive rarely.

Just check out the flaws with the Richmond scheme that Lewes Lib Dems plan to copy.

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